PicsPro for Picasa, Google+ 4.6.5


Fast Picasa photo viewer, manager and uploader for Android devices.

Main features:

* Direct camera upload including GPS coordinates - it will upload your photos the moment you take them (using the app's "Camera" menu option). The photos will appear in your default Picasa album and they will include the location where you were at the time.

* Fast Picasa album and photo browsing - you can use this app as a virtual wallet photo, you can show your Picasa albums to friends and brag about the places you visited.

* Manage your Picasa albums: create new albums or update existing ones.

* Video playback: play any video in any Picasa album, including your contacts' videos and any public videos.

* Local photo browsing and upload: review the pictures on your phone's SD card and upload them to the Picasa album of your choice.

* Social features: search public Picasa photos and view your contacts' public/shared albums

* Download any photo you can see in the app

* Invite your friends to see your Picasa web albums

* Multiple accounts: you can easily switch between all your Picasa accounts.

* Secure: by default, it integrates with your Android's Google account and it never asks you for a password

* Secure connections: all the communication with Google Picasa is over https.

* We stand by our product - if you encounter any issue or if you are not satisfied with the app, we will either fix it or fully refund your money. Please send us your feedback at

* Free and continuous software updates: we will be releasing new features often, based on user feedback.

Picasa Mobile has been developed in Montreal, Canada.

Last Updated:2015-06-10 12:15:15
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